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This will be my victory pose when we win!
Hey Sports' Fans,

Executive summary version: I've been working as an in-house attorney on the Obama campaign for over a year.  We're doing a contest to raise money, so this is an ask.  But really, by now you should know that this election matters, and I *do* implore you in my most urgent voice to get involved--whether that means donating, making phone calls, knocking on doors, registering to vote, or volunteering to be a poll watcher, get involved!  Don't be a person who sits at restaurant sipping a *mojito* griping about how the world might end.  Do something.  Stand up, give up a weekend, help fight these next 6 days, so you don't have to fight and be fed up for the next four years.  In the immortal words of Sean Astin as "Mikey" in "Goonies"--"This is our time, down here." 

To donate: Click on the thermometer ($5, $10, $2,000, whatever you can)

To make calls from the comfort of your own home:

To volunteer: go to or go to and click on "states," and select your state.  Then click on "Find Your Local Office."  Give them a call and get involved!

With love and democracy,
Eric W. Waldo, Esquire

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